NordiSKulptur 2

Kim Hankyul’s and Minna Kangasmaa’s joint exhibition is a continuation of the three-year project nordiSKulptur set up by Galleria Sculptor and Nordic Culture Point. The project brings together Nordic contemporary sculptors.

Kim Hankyul’s work focuses mainly on sound installations. The kinetic or motorised movement of wooden materials are often the source of the sounds in his works. Having previously been on display at the Bergen Kunsthall in 2019, Hankyul is creating a new version of his sound installation The Temple of the Golden Pavillion for the exhibition at Galleria Sculptor. This installation consists of several sound sculptures that produce the sound of fire. The inspiration for this work came from Yukio Mishimas book of the same name.

In her art, Minna Kangasmaa explores the current ecological crisis and our relationship with the world of materials. With her works, she looks for alternative ways to understand the world as a meeting place for the human and non-human. The exhibition features Kangasmaa’s composite installation Scream of the Butterfly II, whose main material is silk. In her work, Kangasmaa has constructed the imaginary scream of a silk moth. The scream is an hommage to the silk moth that has served humans for thousands of years.